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Redefining the 'reserve currency' protocol standard.

NetWorth (NETW) is an algorithmic floating cryptocurrency protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that is inflation-adaptive, maintains a minimum risk-free value (RFV), and is backed by a selection of assets and investment strategies voted on by the community. 
In simple terms, NETW is an algorithmic currency backed by treasury assets that maintains a floating market-driven price.
Treasury assets are invested, similar to a venture capital fund, into protocols and projects decided and voted on by the community. NetWorth also has staking and bonding mechanisms: Staking NETW tokens earns more NETW tokens (generated from treasury earnings), and bonding NETW tokens allows users to purchase new NETW tokens at a discount (ensuring permanent liquidity for NETW markets).

NetWorth has a standout solution for maintaining underlying value in a way that is adaptive to, and even takes advantage of inflation. Moreover, the staking and bonding mechanisms provide additional methods to multiply your earnings.

NetWorth aims to grow in value over time by continuously adding a mixture of solid and stable crypto assets to its portfolio as well as catching the wave on huge new opportunities in emerging market segments such as DeFi, NFT, gaming, and metaverse development.

Our fundraising and treasury-building phase of operation is based on the highly successful OlympusDAO technology that has sustained an average 5-day ROI of 8%+ for nearly a year now. Our project differs from Olympus in several ways, however. Olympus is attempting to build a stabilized reserve currency, whereas we are attempting to build a decentralized autonomous organization that accrues assets as well as a steady and reliable increase in value over time. The goal of NetWorth is to not only realize appreciation in the value of these assets but to also accumulate more assets over time. Holding NETW will give you the best mix of a hedge fund and cryptocurency investment all wrapped in a liquid asset that is community-governed from day one.

2-Phase Strategy

NetWorth governance and treasury management is handled by the NetWorth DAO. Every treasury contributor and NETW holder is a member of the NetWorth DAO. The NetWorth DAO will have different functions, broken into two different phases.

Phase I: Pre-Staking & Bonding

Before the launch of staking and bonding, the NetWorth DAO can accept treasury contributions from early-bird contributors. Pre-launch contributors will receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens that represent their share of the NetWorth treasury. At any time in the pre-launch period, LP holders can burn their LP tokens to take their funds back from treasury and de-commit to the project, so long as the funds have not been allocated by community vote. Pre-launch contributors will also receive governance tokens (GT) that will allow them to have a say in all voting and decision making, with their vote weighted proportionate to their share of treasury funds.

Phase II: Staking & Bonding

Once staking and bonding go live, NETW will trade openly on decentralized exchanges, and any NETW holder will be able to earn a share of the revenues generated by the NetWorth treasury (including investments in projects and protocols, as well as bond sales) simply by staking their NETW tokens on the NetWorth website. Users will also be able to ‘bond’ their tokens by providing approved LP tokens in exchange for discounted NETW tokens after a fixed vesting period. This ensures permanent liquidity for NETW markets


Gabe Hill

Investor Relations Manager

Enpaia Kurieta

Project Manager

Lian He

Lead Developer

Martin Hepe

Marketing Advisor

NetWorth is an open source decentralized project created by the community for the community.